Svenja Krüger storyteller

Prepare for an extraordinary experience!

Imagine that fairy tales and stories are calling to you, inviting you to listen,
to share their secrets...
Launch yourself on a journey through magical worlds. Lose yourself in stories
perfumed with the sent of summer roses, tales that taste like hot chocolate with
whipped cream and hug you like a soft warm blanket on a cold winter´s night.

Fairy tales can be experienced with your mind, body and soul. They could
even open your heart if you embrace them and hold them close.
Take them with you and treasure them like a box of exotic sweets,
pluck them out, taste them, explore how they feel on your tongue, 
admire their beauty - on each telling they become a part of you,
your very own. In fairy tales we find good and bad, light and dark,
love and suffering, happiness and sorrow and always, of course, 
a little bit of ourselves.


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