Svenja Krüger storyteller


I tell my stories in public and private locations for children and adults and also have special programmes for the older generation. Whether in a school or theatre, cultural event
or gallery, whether between courses in a restaurant or within the ruins of
an old castle, I bring my stories to life wherever I am. I tell my tales in
English, German or depending on the audience, bilingually.

My storytelling programme is always tailored to the wishes of my
customers and in the interests of the particular audience.
Programmes can also be individually designed for you.

A "set" usually lasts 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. If a 90 minutes
programme is planned then a break of 20 minutes is then added.
Performances with several small storytelling sets between other
events are also very successful.

programs for adultsprograms for children

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