Svenja Krüger storyteller

Programmes Adult

A Gleam of Grimm
Here you will discover known and unknown tales and stories from the well-known yarn spinners Brothers Grimm. A mixture of funny, grim and ridiculous tales with malicious housemaids, deathly flat-sharing communities and cold-hearted king´s daughters.

Northern Lights
A magical mixture of stories from the North, tales from the North Sea, legends of the
Baltic Sea and celtic tales. Just right for sea gazers, beach walkers, coast lovers,
islanders and wave listeners.

Scotland Top to Bottom
Long forgotten tales and mysterious legends of Scotland bearing the spirit of old
traditions and the warmth of a cosy fireside.

Little Livingroom Gallery
Stories about the imaginary town of Sweetington, lying somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. As well as tales about the oddest of creatures in combination with selfdesigned illustrations. (Take a look at and @oddhomes on Instagram). An unique Storytelling event including a wonderful exhibition. Your personal gallery experience in your own livingroom.

7 x Sevenstories

Stories and tales with, about and around Seven. About seven Miracles, seven sausages, seven dragon skin and Sevenbeauty.

To the Wise and the Wicked
Occasionally artfulness may save your neck; a trick might tell a tale and unexpected adventures can make all the difference in your life. Learn about hidden wisdom and the gift of making the best out of a bad situation.

Life, Death and a Bratwurst
How do the above come together in one tale? How does it come that death can make us live? And how do we master the challenges of life? Nothing for the faint-hearted!

Fairy tales 2.0
Experience the ancient form of marketing and teambuilding. Learn about outsourcing in olden days and discover what stories may teach us about communication. A connection between the tales of long, long ago and the modern business world. Also a good programme to go along with workshops and conferences.

Storytelling Supper
During a magical supper your guests will enjoy stories and tales from here and afar. Storytelling will take place in between the separate courses. The repertoire can be discussed before hand in case you would like to adjust the menu to the stories.

Story Walks
We walk across meadows and fields, coastlines, garden greens or castle ruins and rest ourselves at compfy places to listen to tales and stories from long, long ago.
(Duration: 1,5 to 4 hours, depening on the length of the programme and the location)

Workshop programme on request

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