Svenja Krüger storyteller

Programmes Children

Taste the Tale and Smell the Story
Experience the magical world of the Brothers Grimm. Find out that tales may taste like
the sweetest honey, smell like beautiful roses or feel as soft as a feather. Tell and sing
along and prepare yourself for wonderful adventures.

Treasures, Tasks and Adventures
Heaven or earth? Bonnie or ugly? Beast or handsome prince? Agood story is made of
what lies in between: bravery, adventures and magic!

In olden times, when wishing still helped
Tales and stories from ancient times; travelled from afar, told a million times.
Sometimes a wish can be a stroke of luck, sometimes they can be foolish and stupid;
or witty and bring you great benefit. Ans sometimes wishes simply are everything
we hold dear.

Story Factory with the Brothers Grimm
We create our very own story with the well-known characters of the Grimm tales. What happens when Rapunzel and Cinderella meet in a story? Or the Bremen Town
Musicians wake up Sleeping Beauty? It might be that Hansel and Gretel join Little Red Cap on her quest to chase the Frogking to become a princess. Just imagine!

Wander one Day, across Bridge and Way
Tales of heroes that went forth to seek adventures, to discover new things in the world
or even win treasures and gain fortunes. Stories of stone eaters, mountain movers and gullible giants. Join in on the journey to the well at worlds end.




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